Student Services

School Safety & Discipline

The Fallbrook Union High School District recognizes that exclusionary discipline practices, including detention, suspension and expulsion, do not always positively affect student behavior nor do they assist the student in taking accountability for their actions.  In an effort to promote positive disciplinary approach, the district has adopted and implemented Restorative Discipline Practices.  The fundamental premise of Restorative Practices is to assist students in:

  • Owning and recognizing their behavior
  • Making amends with those they have harmed directly and indirectly
  • Successfully reintegrating back into their classrooms and schools

Whenever possible, students who display inappropriate behavior, or those that violate education code must be offered an alternative to (at home) suspension.  Except for single acts which necessitate a mandatory recommendation for expulsion (see below) a student may be suspended only when there has been a determination that other means of correction have failed to bring about proper conduct or that the students’ presence causes a danger to persons.  

Every effort will be made to address student conduct in a positive manner consistent with Education Code 48900.5.  Administrators are expected to address disciplinary concerns in a prompt, fair and impartial manner, and all students are afforded due process.  An alternative to suspension will be considered before more punitive actions  (detention, suspension and expulsion) are taken except for those actions which state law mandates that Administration recommend expulsion to the Board of Education.