Student Services

Enrollment & InterDistrict Transfers

Interdistrict Transfer Request

FUHSD will be accepting transfer request applications for the 2024-2025 school year from February 10th through April 19th, 2024.

Applications will be reviewed closer to the end of Spring Trimester (June 2024). 

     Note: If you are part of the Military, please provide verification with your transfer request, as these follow a  different timeline.

Transfers out of Fallbrook (Education Code 46600):

For students who reside within the boundaries of Fallbrook and would like to attend school in another district:

  1. Parent/Guardian completes an Application for Interdistrict Attendance Permit (Form 341 - ENG; Español)
  2. Parent/Guardian emails the form to: for processing.
  3. Applications are approved on a case-to-case basis.
  4. Approved transfers no longer need annual renewal; unless the desired district's Interdistrict Attendance Agreement states otherwise.
  5. District Notification of decision will be sent to parent/guardian by mail, or in some instances, email, within the timeframe as specified by Education Code 46600.2.

Transfers into Fallbrook (Education Code 46600):

For students who reside outside the boundaries of Fallbrook and would like to attend school in Fallbrook:

  1. California law mandates that students attend the public school district in which the residency of the parent/guardian is located. This is called the District of Residence. For parents/guardians whose residence is outside of Fallbrook's boundaries, and desire their student attend a school in Fallbrook, they must first obtain an Interdistrict Transfer approval, via Form 341, from their District of Residence.
  2.  The parent/guardian can then submit the approved Interdistrict Transfer form to for  consideration and processing.
  3. Student Services will notify parent/guardian in writing of approval/denial within 14 calendar days of the start of the subsequent school year. 
  4. Interdistrict Attendance Permits may be revoked in a student does not maintain satisfactory citizenship, academics, or attendance in accordance with California Education Code 46600(a)(4) Approvals/denials are made by Student Services and not by school sites.
  5. Any questions, please email:

Timeframe for District Notification of Approval/Denial:

  1. California Education Code 46600 (section 46600.1 and 46600.2) provides the following timeframes for notification:
    a. For requests submitted during the regular school year, districts shall respond within 30 Days of submitting the request.
    b. For requests submitted for admission in the subsequent school year up to 30 days prior to the start of the subsequent regular school year, districts shall respond within 14 calendar days of the start of the subsequent school year.
  2. CA districts shall notify the parent/guardian by mail, or in some instances, email, of their decision within timeframes specified herein.

Appeals of Denials

The person having legal custody of the student may appeal, within 30 calendar days of a school district’s failure or refusal to issue a permit, to the county board of education having jurisdiction over the district of residence of the parent, legal guardian or person having legal custody. Failure to appeal within the required time is good cause for denial of an appeal. An appeal shall be accepted only upon verification by the county board’s designee that all appeals within the districts have been exhausted. The appeal process for Fallbrook Union is outlined in the next paragraph. For information on appeals to the San Diego County Board of Education, contact the San Diego County Office of Education, Department of Student Services at (858) 292-3786. The San Diego County Office of Education, Department of Student Services, can also share the manner in which parents/guardians will be notified of appeal decisions.

The parent/guardian may appeal that decision within 30 days of receiving the denial. To appeal, the parent/guardian must submit a written letter to the Superintendent with a full explanation of the basis for the appeal. The Superintendent’s Office will then contact the parent/guardian regarding their appeal. If the appeal is denied, the parent/guardian will be referred to the San Diego County Board of Education’s appeal process, outlined in the previous paragraph.


  1. A permit for interdistrict attendance is valid only while conditions stated on the permit are maintained, and the permit may be revoked by the granting district for failure to comply with conditions (e.g. attendance, citizenship, scholarship). Permits may be issued to allow transfer to another district for a limited period of time.
  2. Should the student’s residence change from one district to another, you will need to apply to your new district of residence to remain in the district of desired attendance.
  3. Transfers for grades 9 - 12 may result in student being ineligible to play CIF sports for a period of time. Eligibility determinations are subject to the rules of the San Diego Section of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF-SDS) and its member conferences and leagues. If you should have any questions regarding eligibility, the phone number for CIF-SDS is (619) 292-8165.
  4. A student’s existing permit may not be rescinded after June 30th following the completion of grade 10, for pupils in grade 11 or
  5. All continuing students approved on an Interdistrict Attendance Permit no longer have to apply annually unless moving to a new (home) district.