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The Fallbrook Union High School District, in partnership with the parents and community, offers all students educational opportunities that enable them to function effectively as citizens, life-long learners, consumers, and workers in a global society.

FHS proudly serves students in the greater Fallbrook community as part of Fallbrook Union High School District.

Fallbrook Union High School encourages and prepares all students to become self-directed learners, effective communicators, and responsible adults. It is also our expectation that our students will develop innovative and critical thinking skills that enhance their contribution to society.

Fallbrook High School (FHS) is a student-centered comprehensive secondary school located in northern San Diego County; current enrollment is approximately 1,950 students in grades 9-12.

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On a group of rolling foothills Stands a building we adore.
Tis the Fallbrook Union High School One we'll love forever more.
When we leave this school for greater And hail their colors bright,
We'll not forget old Fallbrook, And the dear old red and white.
There are schools both great and mighty, There are schools both great and small,
But there's one good thing we’re sure of, Old Fallbrook beats them all.
We are loyal to our colors For them we love to fight.
There's not a thing we love more Than the dear old red and white.