Redistricting Process

The Redistricting Process

Due to the District’s inability to fill the vacancy in Trustee Area 2, the District is endeavoring to redistrict its trustee areas. The new trustee areas must comply with the California Voting Rights Act and the FAIR MAPS Act.

Throughout the redistricting process, community members will have the opportunity to submit input and proposed maps. The first opportunity will be provided on Monday, February 12, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. in the Library at Fallbrook High School.

The District has retained Davis Demographics to prepare draft maps for the Board’s consideration and public comment.

When preparing proposed maps, the demographers must ensure the following to the maximum extent practicable:

  1. Geographical contiguousness
  2. Maintenance of communities of interest
  3. Maintenance of local neighborhoods
  4. Maintenance of census blocks
  5. Respect for natural and artificial barriers to ensure that trustee areas are easily identifiable and understandable
  6. Geographical compactness

The Board will also conduct two public hearings regarding proposed maps of the trustee areas. Upon the conclusion of the public hearings, the Board will vote on a resolution to adopt new trustee areas.

Upon approval of the new trustee areas by the Governing Board, the District will request approval from the County Committee on School District Organization.

PowerPoint Presentations

 Redistricting Process          Pre Map Hearing Presentation