FUHS student named to Athena Racing Team

Fallbrook Union High School is proud to announce that sophomore Madeline Gaul has been selected to form part of the 2019-20 Athena Racing Team.  This is the inaugural team and is San Diego’s first-ever all-female racing team.  Being a member of Athena Racing will expose her to hours of classroom knowledge in the career areas of business, marketing, leadership, and public speaking as well as advanced driving techniques, defensive driving and safety instruction as well as actual track time.  Madeline Gaul's racing nickname is Mad Maddy and she hopes to be a race car driver. Her Athenian Characteristic is skill as she would like to improve her mechanical skills. An introvert by nature, Maddie is looking forward to the opportunity to improve her leadership skills and challenge herself to interact with others.  We are proud to recognize Maddie and know that she will undoubtedly make a name for herself in the male dominated STEM fields and can’t wait to see them racing karts and cars for the SSCA.
https://athenaracing.org/2019-2020-team/ Source: Athena Racing Website