Larry Koch is honored as one of Fallbrook's Finest for the Month of November

Larry Koch is a culinary arts teacher at Fallbrook Union High School.  He offers a hands-on and relevant culinary curriculum to his students where they learn and practice important life skills. His course teaches the soft skills of teamwork, communication and self-discipline. His students write cover letters and resumes for future employers and participate in mock interviews with panels of staff members. In addition, students prepare and serve lunches for staff who dine at the Warrior Grille. Larry supports both the staff and students in this ambient setting.  Larry Koch exemplifies the continuous pursuit of excellence as he holds students to a high standard of academic and practical performance. He expects mature behavior which prepares them to be accountable in the workplace. The class has regular protocols and routines to support expectations. For example, students sign into class daily and get to work on projects and assignments. They wear appropriate attire and shoes. They learn cooking safety, equipment, measurements, procedures and management. Students leave his course equipped to succeed in restaurant occupations.  FUHS is proud to honor Mr. Koch as one of Fallbrook’s Finest.